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Disney Wikipedia Circle Graph

When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.
-- Walt Disney

Circle Graph

This visualization is a bit simpler than the previous science and religion portal pages analysis. For this one I wanted to simply start at the Wikipedia Disney Portal Page and traverse a few links outward from there. For this visualization I choose to do a circle graph layout.

disney wikipedia portal circle graph

Nodes Edges
836 993

Again, the colorization is done by community. The following are the major community nodes for most of the communities (clockwise direction):

Color Hour Community
12:30 Disney: Did you know?
1:00 Disney: Selected Quotes
1:50 The Walt Disney Company
2:00 Films
4:00 Music
5:00 Animation
5:45 Video Games
6:30 Comics
8:30 Disney
10:00 Television

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