Exploring the graphs that surround us

Christmas Movie Network

crawler, imdb, christmas, acting, movies, hollywood
A visualization and analysis of 100 top Christmas movies and the actors/actresses in them.

Stellar Navigation Using Network Analysis

stars, astronomy, stellar, interstellar, navigation, 3d, gliese
A network analysis to understand the 3D topology of our stellar neighborhood necessary for stellar navigation.

Code Graphs of 5 Top Open Source Data Projects

java, library, framework, open source, graph, import, cassandra, hibernate, hadoop, spark, neo4j, elasticsearch, data
Visualizations of Java call graphs for 5 of the most popular open-source data projects.

How to Visualize Your Twitter Network

social, twitter, export, follower, friends
How to visualize and analye your Twitter friends network.

Intro to Graphs Presentation

video, meetup, intro, presentation
A presentation I gave introducing graphs at a White Pages graph meetup.