Exploring the graphs that surround us

Interview With Graphistania Podcast

podcast, graphistania, interview, neo4j
I had the pleasure of recently being interviewed by Rik Van Bruggen for the Graphistania podcast.

Using Neo4j to Take Us to the Stars

video, stars, interstellar, stellar, graphconnect, presentation
A presentation I gave at GraphConnect in 2015 about how to use Neo4j and network analysis to chart a course to the stars.

What is Transhumanism? A Network Analysis of Wikipedia Pages

wikipedia, transhuman, transhumanism, knowledge, crawler, classification
Using a network analysis of Wikipedia pages to introduce the topic of transhumanism.

A Matter of Degrees: Semantic linking of antonyms through synonym pathways

semantics, language, synonyms, thesaurus, antonyms, neo4j, gephi
Analysis of how antonyms are linked through synonym pathways in the Wordnet database using Neo4j.

Taxonomy of the Human Condition

wikipedia, philosophy, humanity, science
A visualization and basic analysis of a link topology network with depth of 3 starting from the Wikipedia article for the Human Condition.